At impactMarket, we believe that the more we are on the ground, the better. Our volunteers play a crucial role in expanding our reach in either accessing the communities that need it the most or donors/partners that could support the protocol. impactMarket relies on a person-to-person outreach strategy to build community support for our mission. It’s all about relationships.
What are we looking for?
We are looking for passionate people that want to contribute to world change and kick-start their careers in the social impact and blockchain sector by gaining hands-on experience. You would be working directly with our team.
This role is for you if:
  • You are passionate about social impact
  • You are curious about exploring the use of blockchain in humanitarian setting
  • You love building connections with people
  • You are a fast learner
Our volunteers are often individuals interested in the mission of poverty alleviation using blockchain technology. Those are individuals that would like to coclosely follow impactMarket's milestones, news, and announcement. Individuals that have the willingness, network and capacity to create awareness around impactMarket's mission and vision. Volunteers are also people directly located in the countries we operate in and, wants to gain hands-on experience in community management and building.
Who can apply?
Anyone who can promote the protocol, advocate for us on social media, help on fundraising events, answer common community questions, share our mission/vision, manage a community etc.
This is a volunteer position (but you will get very exciting perks...)

To apply to this position, please fill out this form.

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