Country Ambassador
At impactMarket, we believe that the more we are on the ground, the better. Our ambassadors play a crucial role in expanding our reach in either accessing the communities that need it the most or donors/partners that could support the protocol. impactMarket relies on a person-to-person outreach strategy to build community support for our mission. It’s all about relationships.
Country Ambassador
As a Country Ambassador for a decentralized poverty alleviation protocol, you will develop and implement the strategy for the country you are located in to maximize impactMarket awareness and adoption. You will be responsible for building out the impactMarket ecosystem for your country, acting as the spokesperson and identifying ways to increase the number of beneficiaries. You will help build and support the community of collaborators and communities interested in contributing to and benefiting from impactMarket UBI. Your main responsibilities will be to:
  • Research, connect, and onboard communities into impactMarket's poverty alleviation protocol.
  • Establish, engage and build partnerships with key players in your country that could add value to impactMarket (on/off-ramp, financial support etc.)
  • Serve as an ambassador to impactMarket: educate the community about impactMarket mission, events, goals, etc.
  • Engage with communities and beneficiaries regularly and support inquiries in a timely manner.
Who can apply?
We believe there is no better way to increase our reach in a country than having someone local. Thus, anyone who is located in Asia, Africa, Latin America that has experience with vulnerable populations, community building and the ability to work cross-functionally is welcome to apply.
This is a paid part-time position.

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